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3 Tips for Stylish Storage


Conquer the new year with an organized and beautiful home. If you think plastic bins are the only way to go, it’s time to mix up how you keep your home tidy. We’ve assembled ideas for storage that are stylish and functional, so that everything you’re organizing can become a part of your décor.

Beautifully Organized 


Photo Credit:                                   Photo Credit: @fashionably_lo                                 Photo Credit:


Your cosmetics can add a great pop of color to your décor. Keep them from rolling around your countertop by arranging them in an acrylic organizer – you can even find these pieces accented with metallic hues! We also recommend adding a few glam accents and arranging them on a pretty countertop or table to build a beautiful vanity that’s functional and fabulous.

Bonus: Check out these step-by-step videos that show you how to organize your cosmetics and hair care products!

A Clean Kitchen

Everything in your kitchen, from staples to supplies, can become a part of your décor with the right organization. Your family’s favorite food can be stored in glass jars and tucked away in baskets and bins to create a pantry that’s pretty.

       Photo Credit: @leeannebenjamin                      Photo Credit: @truelockequalstruelove            Photo Credit: @organizecleandecorate


Try stacking your favorite serveware on a decorative shelf and arranging it in an eye-catching way so that it serves as décor when you’re not hosting at your home. For a final touch, wrangle your favorite oils and spices in a basket next to your stove for easy access the next time you cook.  

Tidy Tots

Bring some color to your kid’s room with some bright ideas for easy organization. A rolling cart is great place to store homework and art supplies. Keep everything corralled in brightly colored baskets – you can even add labels to make cleaning up easier. (Bonus: Check out this step-by-step video that shows you how to create a craft cart!)

Black and white bedroom

Photo Credit: @designimprovised                             Photo Credit: @livefreemiranda                              PhotoCredit: @livefreemiranda                                                                

Open shelving is another great place to store your child’s favorite toys and to display them as part of their décor. For the kid with a big imagination, use clothing racks to display their favorite dress-up pieces and give them easy access to playing pretend.


Secret Storage


Furniture with secret storage is great for any room in the house. We love tables with tops that pop off to store extra blankets and pillows. The one pictured above can even act as a tray! Try clever cabinets with built-in shelving to store extra glassware or even to create a hidden bar right in your living or dining room.

How does organization help you take the new year by storm? Share your stylish storage ideas with us using #AtHomeFinds