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Your unique style should carry through to your patio or porch. Use the same attention to detail you have inside your home to maintain a consistent feel and flow. So whatever your style is on the inside, take it outside, too.

Take your decor style from indoors to out


We get it. All outdoor spaces are not created equal. But that doesn't mean they can't all be spectacular. For smaller spaces, consider using fewer pieces that serve several functions. Try picking a table and chairs that can serve as a reading nook or as a great spot to chat with friends over a cool glass of lemonade. Plus, our furniture pieces are sold separately, so you can easily adjust your seating area to any size.

Choose furniture to fit the size of your space

For larger spaces, you'll want to think BIG as you select the foundational components, such as the seating and dining furniture. Large pieces will fill up your patio or porch, and create a wonderful atmosphere for relaxing with family and friends that's cozy and spacious at the same time.


Choose larger pieces to fill up larger spaces faster


No matter your design style or patio style, you want to create a space with balance and visual interest. Once you've staged your furniture and décor, see where your eyes take you. What do you notice first in the space? Second? Third? If you're bored or aren't quite sure where to look, you'll want to take a step back. Simplify your design or push the reset button to create a new arrangement with a logical flow.

INSIDER TIPS: Hang greenery from branches and outdoor hooks at varying heights, or add potted greenery in different sized containers to add another dimension to your space.


Add visual interest by hanging greenery at different heights

Consider the combination of textures and patterns you select for your ourdoor furniture, cushions and other accessories. For example, a solid colored linen-like fabric cushion against a richly-textured woven wicker.

Combining textures will give your patio more visual interest

Plant stands and lantern lighting are small touches with maximum impact. Plant stands are an easy way to add height. Plus, these pieces can hold more than just your favorite floral or greenery! They can be used as side tables for drinks or other décor. Lanterns are timeless and versatile, no matter their style. These accents can be hung or used as table décor. Learn more about outdoor lighting here.

Use outdoor lanterns and plant stands to add the right touch


By all means, if you want to mix two vastly different styles with one another and you like it, then do it! Have fun with it. Break the rules when you want and come back to them when you need some guidance.