Command™ Universal Picture Hanger with Stabilizer Strips, 1-Hanger, 2-Large strips, 2-Sets of Mini Strips/Pack

Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
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0.6" L x 6.8" H x 3.9" W 0.5 lbs. Check-Out 051141320823 52-13
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3.9 (101)
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5 5 Months ago

Great product

Great product. I would recommend this! I have no issues with it.
5 9 Months ago

Works great

I had used these on seven different pictures (relatively light... probably 2 lbs a piece) for over three years in my apartment before I moved. None ever fell off. I can only assume the bad reviews are from people who didn't apply them properly. Or, in the case of mlg85's review, he clearly did not use the proper procedure for removing them (which is to pull directly down on the adhesive strip).
3 1 Year ago

Handy for the girl...

Handy for the girl that doesn't want to put holes in her walls. If you follow the directions, all will go well.
3 1 Year ago

Watch out!

Watch out as this hanger's adhesive only holds for about 1.5 years. I had a 1 lb picture hanging from this hook that I placed in early 2019. I was sitting at my computer desk and this picture frame crashed to the floor, breaking the frame's glass. The hook was still attached to the frame's hook with the adhesive strip still attached to the hook. Needless to say, I was not happy. Yes 1.5 years sounds like time longer than one might keep their pictures in one location, but not at my house. Makes me wonder how many others are going to fall off the wall.
5 1 Year ago

perfect for picture hanging

I use this product for hanging pictures and paintings. Holds well and if I decide to change space easy to remove. No damage to walls.
Hershey, PA
5 1 Year ago

Love this for my collage frame!

I was given a new collage frame for my new apartment. The way it's designed it was impossible to use the velcro picture hangers, and I didn't want to put nails in my walls. I was really nervous since it was my first time using this product, but it was so much easier to use than I expected! I would highly recommend for anyone who wants to hang something with nails, but doesn't want to put holes in walls!
Dayton, OH