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6 Steps for Elevating Date Night at Home 

Date night is something anyone can enjoy, regardless of age, whether you're just getting into the dating scene or a long-time married couple. Below are a few date night ideas to amp up your at home date night.  

1. Lighting

Date night lighting

If you're looking to throw a special date night at home, try switching up the lighting to set the scene. Light some candles or try using lanterns as easy ways to create that soft glow. 

2. Dinner 

Date night dinner

Dinner is a great way to kick off the date. Be sure to pick out and go through your recipe in advance, and allow enough time for a grocery run. Remember that it's best to stick to meals within your experience level. Unless you're an experienced chef, date night might not be the best time to try out that new French recipe you saw on that cooking show. And just because you've agreed to do the cooking, doesn't mean you should do everything by yourself. Ask your date to help you out with the many tasks around the kitchen, from slicing the vegetables, to picking out the wine or setting the table. On date night, sharing means caring. 

Date night pro tip

3. Unplug Your Devices

Unplug your devices

This night is all about the two of you, so there's no need to be distracted by phones or computers. Unplug or turn off all your devices. Text messages, status updates and work can wait.      

Date night pro tip

4. Gather Your Supplies 

Gather your supplies

Before your get all settled in on the sofa, use this opportunity to gather up the supplies you might need. Make sure you have the remotes and a few extra throws in case it gets cold. This is also time to refresh your beverage and to get the snacks ready. Topped with salt and butter, popcorn is an easy and delicious option. 

pro tip

5. Get Comfy  

Get Comfy with pillows

Photo credit: @TheStoriBook

Get yourselves situated on the sofa for some cuddling and a movie. You can ensure you'll both be extra comfortable with big fluffy pillows and super soft throws.

pro tip

6. It's Showtime! 

Its showtime

Photo credit: @MakingJoyAndPrettyThings

If your date isn't into the mushy stuff, opt for a movie marathon. You pick the first one and your date can pick the second one. Or use the evening to binge watch that show on Netflix you've both heard about but still haven't had the time to catch up on yet. 


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