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The Green House Effect

Using Greenery to Enhance Your Home Décor  

If you're not using plants in your home, you're missing out. Plants are great for adding color and texture in any environment. Plus, they have a positive effect on our moods, emotions and well-being. Say you weren't born with a green thumb? Never fear. Faux plants are the way to go. Usually it's tough to tell a fake plant from a real one. They're super low-maintenance, too. You'll never have to water them, and they'll never leak or leave rings on your furniture. Plus, they're easy to clean: just wipe them with a damp cloth or try a silk plant spray cleaner. Here are some suggestions on how to use greenery to brighten up your home.

Tall Plants 

Generally, the plant's size should correspond with the size of the space you're filling. Use a tall plant as your room's statement piece, or to fill up empty corners. For lofts or open spaces, use a tall plant as a barrier to seperate rooms from one another. 

Greenery Accent Plant

Topiary Accent Plant

Greenery Accent Plant

Small Plants 

Conversely, use smaller plants in smaller spaces. Pop a cactus or a succulent into any cozy space that needs a touch of warmth. Small plants in decorative vases or planters look great on counters, desks, windowsills, or even in the bath area, like the edges of your tub. It's okay to use a solitary plant, or to mix a variety of small plants together. Or cluster duplicates of the same plant for a striking effect. 

Small Bamboo Tabletop Decorative Accents

Small Succulents in Glass Jar

Small Grass Plants in Black Square Vases

Greenery Cone in Planter

Greenery Faux Plant Ball

Greenery Bonsai Tree Faux Plant

Mixing Plants 

Speaking of clustering, it's fun to mix plants together. Create an interesting arrangement mixing pots and planters with vases, or by mixing succulents with grasses and flowers

Mixing Plants


You can also create a still life display by mixing plants with other decor items, like decorative trays, figurines and picture frames. An arrangement like this looks great on a tabletop, mantle or bookshelf-inside or out. Use one item, or try various heights and textures to create visual interest.

Decorative Outdoor Greenery


Even if you don't go full-out, use little splashes of plant life here and there to spruce up your surroundings. A decorative vase can add lots of personality, especially when filled with a spray of reeds, bamboo sticks or flowers. Simple elements like this go a long way to give your house that "home" atmosphere.  

White flowers in Blue Galss Vase

Purple Faux Rose in White Vase

Small flowers in Silver Vase

Upload a photo to show us how you incorporate greenery into your own jungalow. Tag us using #AtHomeFinds to a chance to be featured on our website!