Holiday Style Scoop

Everything to design your perfect holiday look

Twinkle Time


Simple techniques can help you create dazzling tree effects this holiday season. Browse all Christmas lights. 


Let's Wrap

Wrap light strands from base to branch, working your way to the tip. Make sure a light matches up with the tips on the ends. Repeat, working your way back to the base, etc. Watch this video for a quick tutorial.


Shine On

Arrange lights near shiny ornaments to amp up the wow factor with enhanced brilliance. 

Christmas lights

Light Lesson

Choose your light level. Mini lights make a tree look more modern, while larger lights bring an element of nostalgia. 

Ribbon Rules

How to use ribbon to decorate a tree

Long, flowing ribbons help your tree seem like a cohesive whole, and also helps fill up some of those empty spaces. Browse ribbons. 

Gold christmas tree ribbon

Get Wavy with It

Loop or tuck the ribbon deeply into the tree branches to create a sense of depth.

Silver ribbon on christmas tree

Quirky Does It

Don't try to be too symmetrical. Uneven loops give your tree personality and create visual interest.

Ribbon assortment

Nice Compliment

With so many ribbon options out there, it'll be easy to match your tree's color themes for maximum style.

Get the Hang of It

How to decorate a tree

Whether you're going for traditional, whimsical or glam, there's no question that ornaments give the tree it's zing. Browse all ornaments

White and black ornaments

Mix It Up

Present some variety in your ornament selection. Hang a large ornamant next to a small one, or a toy ornament next to a glass ball or star. 

Fa La Folk ornaments

Go Large

If you have an artificial tree, don't be afraid to bend the branches for larger ornaments. You can bend them back into place when the holiday is over. 

Mix Matched style ornaments

Match Much?

Ornaments are incredibly verstaile. Stick to one theme to pull off the stylish look you crave. Or mix and match from several of your favorite looks to create a tree that is unmistakable you. 


Top It Off

Christmas tree toppers

Now that you've got your ornaments on, it's time to give the tree a topper. Browse tree toppers. 

Traditional tree topper

Seeing Stars

Stars are always a popular choice, especially when they come in so many stylish options.

Christmas tree topper

Guardian Angel 

Probably the second most popular choice for a tree topper, angels keep watch over the festivities and keep your holidays merry.

Christmas tree toppers

Use Your Imagination

Try fun & exciting alternatives to top off your tree, like a glasas finial or a smiling snowman. Festive hats also make excellent tree toppers. 

Skirt the Issue

Christmas tree skirts

No tree looks complete until you've draped a tree skirt underneath. Browse tree skirts.

Christmas tree skirt

It's a Wrap

Skirts are easy: simple drape one around the base and bring the edges together. Most come with buttons, strings or Velcro to keep them in place. 

Christmas tree skirt and gifts

Got Gift? 

Adding a few gift-wrapped boxes on the tree skirt will give your tree that Christmassy look. Wrap some empty boxes with festive paper or put out a few gifts early. 

Christmas tree skirt assortment

Dress It Up

Choose a classic look, or get all jolly weith it. A well-chosen skirt can stick with you for years and helps show your unique holiday spirit. 

Peppermint Jazz

Red and Black holiday theme decor

Classic holiday red and white are made modern by incorporating pops of black. Think chalkboard style or other accents. Browse Collection.

Snowman, Chalkboard "Joy" and Silver sparkle pillows

Unexpected Accents

Add some festive-shaped pillows with mixes of metallics and traditional materials.

Red, White and Black Holiday theme tree

Bold Black, White and Red

The white backdrop is key for candy-striped ornaments and chalkboard-like details, simultaneously providing contrast while tying the look together.

Ornaments with candy striped theme

Shape & Pattern Mix

Gravitate toward laser cut wood patterns, sequins and candy-shaped pieces.

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