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Room Revamp

How to Choose the Perfect Rug

From size to texture and over 400 choices to choose from, we’ve done the homework for you.

Different rug styles and colors

Step 1. Start with size

Consider your room’s size. The way a rug looks in a studio apartment will differ from the way a rug looks in a house with multiple bedrooms. To make your space look largest, consider how best to display your furniture pieces, either around or on the rug.

Diagram on how to set up a rug for outdoor seating

Outdoor Seating

Patio rugs look best if the front parts of all perimeter furniture touch the rug, allowing the backs of the furniture to connect to the outdoor space.
For a 4-6 person seating area, consider a 5x7 or 8x10 rug. Less than 4 seats? Try a circular rug.

Living Room Look

To give your living room definition, lay your rug completely under all the pieces of furniture. Leave at least 8 inches between the rug’s edge and the wall so the space doesn’t feel closed in.
Diagram on how to set up a rug in a living room setting
Diagram on how to set up a rug for a bedroom

Bedroom Basics

Make your bedroom feel twice as big by placing a rug only under the “foot” portion of the bed. For a queen-sized bed, try a 5x8 or 6x9 to create a cozy bedroom space.

Step 2. Take time for texture

Think about the room you’re decorating. Will there be a lot of traffic? Or is the rug more for show? Choosing a rug texture is just as important as the pattern and layout. Select a texture that can accommodate your traffic flow, as well as the level of comfort you desire.

Rug with natural texture


Natural rugs, like a jute, are handwoven using hessian and other plant fibers, lending an organic “feel” to your home. They’re also durable enough high traffic areas and feel great under your feet.

  Wool rug with geometric print


Wool and cotton rugs offer a variety of colors and patterns. They’re also flexible enough for almost any room in your home and easy to clean.

Step 3. Pick the perfect pattern (or go solid)

Black and white bedroom

From geometric to floral to solid - the options are endless. You can go bold or stick to solids, the choice is yours.

A few key tips to make the perfect choice...

  • Choose your rug first, then style your room around it
  • Mixing patterns within the same color family can add depth to your room
  • Patterned rugs add personality to a room with solid colored furniture

If you're nervous about rug patterns competing with other decor in your home, ground your design in a neutral palette or opt for a solid color rug.

Don't Forget!

Once you’ve selected a rug and are beginning to pick out decor colors, make sure to select the non-dominate color within the rug’s design. For instance, see below how the cream color is the most prominent color used in furniture and decor.

Tribal textured living room