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Our exclusive collection of modern farmhouse furniture and décor in collaboration with two power tool wielding sisters, Whitney and Ashley of Shanty2Chic.

Christmas Wreath on a front door

Holiday Inspiration

Check out some of our fave Instagrammers for how they’re decking the halls for the holidays!

Shelby Vanhoy

Shelby Vanhoy of Pretty in the Pines

The name of this blog was created after Shelby’s love for her home state of North Carolina and her interests in style, decor, and southern living. The interest has even grown to daily style tips, home renovating adventures, and some travel.

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Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree! Pretty in the Pines loves a good flocked Christmas tree. It's a great base for incorporating green and metallic elements (we spy both silver and gold) for a twist on the traditional tree. Available at At Home.
You can never have too many Christmas trees! Shelby blended rustic pinecones with shimmering gold and silver ornaments on this pre-lit evergreen Christmas tree. Available at At Home.
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A little tray keeps hot chocolate handy and prevents it from tipping over. Turn to trays to keep track of small objects or group tiny holiday accents in every room of your home. Available at At Home.
See how Shelby of Pretty in the Pines makes her home ready for the holidays with ornaments, trees, decorative accents and more. It's all grounded in a neutral color scheme. Available at At Home.
Christy Little

Christy Little of Our Southern Home

Who said ornaments are just for trees? They’re great outdoors and indoors — don’t feel limited when it comes to Christmas décor!

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This place setting is almost too cute to move! Christy of Our Southern Home brought out the Christmas dinnerware and cloth napkins for a festive touch. We especially love adding a little touch of the holiday to napkin rings, too! Available at At Home.
A corner of your front porch can become Christmas central like Christy's! She brought in smaller trees, presents and lanterns, all in the red and green color scheme. Available at At Home.
A Christmas bell! Little touches of holiday spirit, even in corners of your front porch, add to the festive feeling. Available at At Home.
Your front door can get in on the Christmas spirit, too! From ribbons and garlands to ornaments and decorative signs, everything on Christy's porch works together in her traditional red and green color scheme. Available at At Home.

Go beyond the Traditional

"Who said ornaments are just for trees? They’re great outdoors and indoors — don’t feel limited when it comes to Christmas décor!”
Kelley Nan

Kelley Nan of Gracious Living

Kelley Nan is a wife, and a mother (to the most ridiculous pups), creator, nester, and total homebody. She loves decorating and re-decorating her world, shopping in my home and finding "key purchases."

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Wide ribbons wrap up Kelley's Christmas tree with a sophisticated touch. We like how the gold repeats in the ornaments and the warm glow from her tree's lights. Available at At Home.
Different sizes of ornaments for a completely different look. Cover your tree with ornaments of varying colors and textures for a new way to decorate! Available at At Home.
Green, silver, blue, gold, white and black ornaments all come together on Kelley of Gracious Living's smaller tree. With curls of ribbon, her Christmas tree feels sophisticated and far from ordinary. Available at At Home.
Add greenery to your already green tree! Clip on magnolias (faux!) and then add ribbons and ornaments for pretty touches. Available at At Home.
Fall in love with this wintry Christmas tree from Kelley of Gracious Living. Start with a pre-lit tree and then add layers of ornaments, faux pearls and ribbon for an elegant, monochromatic tree. Available at At Home.
Jennifer Griffin

Jennifer Griffin of Dimples and Tangles

Jennifer Griffin’s goal is to have fun experimenting with her home. She loves a welcoming, comfortable, gracious home that friends and family love to visit.

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If you love color, you'll love Jennifer of Dimples and Tangles' home. As a centerpiece, she gathered multicolored ornaments around the bases of skinny candles. Talk about a dinner table focus! Available at At Home.
Spread cheer for your favorite holiday starting at the front door. This welcome mat screams Christmas and its bright red color means guests won't forget to wipe their snowy boots off before entering! Available at At Home.
Keep wreaths and garlands traditional or make them even merrier with the addition of colorful ornaments and ribbons. It's a new take on the usual red and green! Available at At Home.
Bring wreaths indoors! Attach them to the backs of your dining room chairs like Jennifer of Dimples and Tangles did to embrace Christmas décor in unexpected places.
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Summer Hogan

Summer Hogan of Simple Stylings

Summer is a blogger and mother based outside of Charlotte. She uses her blog to showcase her work and inspire simple style for home and life.

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Mirrors are great for throwing around light. By placing one across from your Christmas tree, you'll cast the glow from your string lights around any room. Available at At Home.
No space for another tree? Turn to these glittery trees for the pretty shape of a Christmas tree, without the square footage of a full one. And that price? Fabulous. Available at At Home.
All-white trees put your ornaments on display. We love how Summer of Simple Stylings mixed metallic ornaments throughout her tree. It's a clean look against her minimalist white walls, too. Available at At Home.
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Kevin O’Gara

Kevin O’Gara of Thou Swell

Kevin is a Cornell design student and blogger from Atlanta who is inspired by a mix of traditional and contemporary design.

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Ooh, a pastel take on Christmas, thanks to Kevin of Thou Swell! Touches of pink from the napkins to the glasses are complemented by the gold and white throughout the dinner table. Available at At Home.
Always looking for an excuse to display a reindeer! And various other holiday figurines! Keep your tablescape from crowding the whole dinner table by looking for clear glassware (with a hint of pink) and white plates. Available at At Home.
White chairs and white details create the perfect backdrop for pink and gold touches. Take a cue from Kevin of Thou Swell and incorporate pastel colors to your contemporary Christmas table. Available at At Home.
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White, pink and gold play together in Kevin of Thou Swell's tablescape! It's a delightful spin on traditional Christmas colors and makes for an elegant dinner table. Available at At Home.

Metallics are the new neutral

"The holiday season is the perfect time to focus on friends and family and making every moment together count. Creating special memories around the table is one of my favorite ways to celebrate the love! When it comes to holiday decorating, think outside of the box with your color schemes. As long as you incorporate some warmth and metallics or holiday sparkle, almost any colors will work.”
Fall Décor

Style the Season

When the leaves change, so can you! Find inspiration for your fall refresh with some of our favorite style mavens.


Beth of Unskinny Boppy

Beth is a home decorator and interior designer who also loves doing DIY projects on the side. She is a mommy blogger turned home design blogger who adds decorating tips and DIY tips on her social channels.

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This living room makes us want to curl up! It's perfect for fall. We love how the mantle looks over a crackling fireplace: a mix of neutral with white pumpkins and other fall accents, plus an oversized wreath to amp up the greenery. Available at At Home.

The more decor the better "I’m more of a traditionalist in my home decor, and if you haven’t noticed, I have this little problem with going overboard with my decorating. I like layer upon layer of decor with even more piles of chotchkes stacked on top. Too much is never enough.”

Stack up the fall accents like Beth of Unskinny Boppy! By curating the seasonal touches, her living room looks beautiful but not cluttered. We love the collection of pumpkins, from white to natural, a pretty take on the traditional orange option. Available at At Home.
On the mantle, highlight some of your favorite objects by grouping them together! Like our fave lady, Beth of Unskinny Boppy, turn to baskets to house your collection of pumpkins and other fall décor in one place. Available at At Home.
Jennifer Griffin

Jennifer Griffin of Dimples and Tangles

Jennifer Griffin’s goal is to have fun experimenting with her home. She loves a welcoming, comfortable, gracious home that friends and family love to visit.

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Set the scene for fall. Jennifer Griffin set her dining room table with an assortment of seasonal décor like candles, pumpkins, and wreath laid flat for a dramatic centerpiece! Available at At Home.
Feast on all the fall colors. Jennifer Griffin didn’t shy away from a bold palette. She decorated her dining room with traditional oranges and amped it up with hot pink. Available at At Home.
No space it too small for fall. Jennifer Griffin proved that by celebrating the season from wall to wall with a hallway display. This assortment of tabletop décor she assembled really brought the autumn spirit. Available at At Home.
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A few versatile pieces can save the day. Transform your space into an autumn oasis like, just like Jennifer Griffin did. She decorated multiple spaces with candles, pumpkins, wreaths and more. Available at At Home.

Back to Basics

“By choosing a variety of basic pieces (pumpkins, wreath, candle holders, seasonal ribbon, pillar and taper candles and filler flowers) I was able to create multiple Fall looks in several different areas of my home.”
Kelley Nan

Kelley Nan of Gracious Living

Kelley Nan is a wife, and a mother (to the most ridiculous pups), creator, nester, and total homebody. She loves decorating and re-decorating her world, shopping in my home and finding "key purchases."

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Bring out all the pumpkins! No style is off limits this season. Kelley Nan decorated her dining room table with glass pumpkins and tribal pumpkins for modern and sophisticated look. Available at At Home.
Fall is the dining room’s time to shine! Kelley Nan made it happen with a stunning centerpiece, showcasing pumpkins, garland, candles and more. Now it’s your turn to create the perfect setting for every feast. Available at At Home.
Fall foliage alert! Kelley Nan dressed up her tabletop with decorative plants for a look that’s naturally chic. How will you add a little green to your space? Available at At Home.
It's getting colder. That means it's  time to get cozy with new pillows and throws. Kelley Nan styled her living room nook for the season with a few soft additions. Available at At Home.
Decorating for fall is easy as pie when you have pumpkins! Every space could use one, and Kelley Nan knows it. Along with her dining room, her living room rocked some stylish pumpkins, too . Available at At Home.

Mysha of Remington Avenue

Mysha is a design lover, fanatical DIYer and renovator. She loves to think outside the box and break all the rules when styling her home, where she lives with her husband and three children.

Find your style and get the front porch ready for fall! Our friend Mysha went for an earthy vibe with fall foliage, natural textures and metallic accents. How will you refresh for autumn? Available at At Home.
Feel fall outside with outdoor décor! Our friend Mysha likes to give guests a warm fall welcome with a decorative doormat, gorgeous pumpkins, and colorful corn. Available at At Home.
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Fall is so bootiful! Find some inspiration with our friend Mysha and decorate your space with some scary cool décor. She decked out her porch with skeletons and jack o’lanterns. Available at At Home.
Harvest a fall look with harvest hues! Orange, yellow and red are in season and ready to give your home a festive feel. See how our friend Mysha decorated her front porch with all those classic colors. Available at At Home.

Holli of Bees N' Burlap

Holli is a modern, farmhouse and vintage designer who strives on giving tips on transforming houses into homes. She prides herself on being a mom, wife and avid decorator.

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No space is too small for fall! And now it’s easy to bring season to every corner of the room. Holli did with a festive end table in her kitchen nook. Available at At Home.
Cider! Cocoa! Lattes! It’s the season for sippin’ and that means stocking up on stylish mugs and cups. Holli displayed her collection with open shelving on her kitchen end table. Available at At Home.
Let your style shine this fall. Choose from an assortment of indoor and outdoor lights to add a warmness to any space. Holli brought a welcoming glow to her room with a rustic letter light. Available at At Home.