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Insta-Fresh your Home

Quick & Easy Ways to Transform Your Room on a Budget  

Use Small Pieces to Create a Big Impact 

Changing just a few key elements reinvent a space. The best part? You you can easily switch those pieces out whether it's to suit your mood, update between seasons or for a complete style transformation. 

Drawing of living room highlighting accent peices that can be easily updated

Tip: Design each room refresh by rotating groups of like-minded pieces rather than displaying your entire collection at once. Editing down your look with the right mix of accents will keep each update fresh and pulled together, rather than cluttered or uninteresting. 

Play with Pattern & Texture  

Choosing throw pillows, an area rug, or a lamp shade with a fresh pattern or texture is a powerful way to transform the style of your entire room. Try geometric or bold graphic patterns for a more modern take. For a traditional look choose a timeless plaid, a floral composition, or layer in always-glam damask. 

Image showing styles, patterns and color options

Texture is a great way to change a room across seasons. In the warmer months, mix in lighter organic options like linen, burlap and jute, for a clean, airy feel. Heavier textures like wool, velvet, suede, satin and faux fur add a cozy, warm feel during colder months.

@colletteosuna, #athomefinds, Gallery Wall in a country chic style

Personalize Your Gallery

Create a mini gallery wall by mixing groupings of picture frames and wall art. Not only will new frames update the room's look, you can change your photos and art every time you refresh for the ultimate, of-the-moment personal touch. In addition to photos, update frames and art throughout the year with personal items like family heirlooms or the kiddo's latest masterpiece. 


Curate Your Collections 

Vignettes are decorative item groupings displayed together to create a custom focal point. They make a stylish statement on book shelves, trays, dressers, night stands and any table top. Vignettes are a great way to present a decor collection that tells a seasonal, trend or personal story. They are also easy to update frequently by rotating in and out different combinations of existing and new decor. 

  • Curate your collection by grouping like-minded vignettes by color, pattern, theme or shape 
  • Use shelves and old display cases like shadow boxes to create a feature display 
  • Add sophistication and visual interest by using display stands of varying heights

#athomefinds entries from @conrad_haven, @haneens_haven and @thesisterstudioig highlighting easy accent peices they picked up At Home

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