Cushion Measuring Guide

Our guide will help you identify the style of patio cushions you need as well as how to measure for the perfect fit.  There are many sizes, shapes, and styles of cushions. so don't plan to "eyeball" the right size when you get to the store. A few quick measurements will have you sitting pretty on the patio instead of heading back to the store for an exchange.

Patio Cushions

Step 1: Gather your Supplies

Grab some paper, a pencil, calculator, and a measuring tape.  Don't forget to take your tape measurer along with your list of measurements to the store.

Insider Tip: How To Use A Measuring Tape

  • First, reacquaint yourself with standard measurements.
  • Next, choose an area to measure.
  • Place the hook so it grabs one side of the area being measured.
  • Pull the tape across the full area being measured and then lock it into place.
  • Write down the measurement. If you have to round, round up so you won't be short changed on comfort.

Measuring Tape

Step 2: Take Down The Appropriate Measurements For Each Piece

Chair Measurements

Chair Measurements

  1. Back Width
  2. Back Height
  3. Seat Depth
  4. Seat Width

Short Cut Tip:

For Sofas and Loveseats, measure all the way across the seat, then divide by how many people can sit to get the width of the individual seat cushions needed.

Chaise Measurements

Chaise Measurements

  1. Back Length
  2. Seat Width
  3. Seat Length

Insider Tip:

Be sure to choose a flanged chaise cushion if yours' has more than one seat break.

Insider Tip: Avoid A Hangover

Subtract the seat depth from the back cushion height. It will avoid the dreaded non-supported feeling when you sit, and your guests will thank you!

Cushion Measurements

Step 3: Choose Your Cushions By Seat Type & Pattern | Need To Know

Patio Cushion


Single seat cushions come in square, iron, round, curved, wicker, and deep styles.  Most patio chairs can fit a square cushion.  Choose a curved cushion for seats that have a curved back.  Wicker chairs are unique and usually have a gently curved back.


Hinged seat cushions come in regular, flanged, iron, deep seat and double hinged. These can be used in chairs that need padding both on the seat and on the back.  Most hinged chairs are square shaped and have tall backs.  Like wicker chairs, iron chairs have a specific cushion with a gusset to ensure padding in the right spots.

Patio Cushion


Bench cushions come in regular, gusseted, wicker settee, and wicker sofa.  They can also be used for sofas and love seats.  Note that gusseted bench cushions are wider and thicker than the basic bench cushion.


Patio Cushion


Chaise lounges have a longer seat and back that can recline. Cushions made espeically for this style of chair include a longer seat area that hinges in the correct space to fit the fold of the chair. 

Insider Tip: Have Fun Mixing & Matching

Don't be afraid to mix and match cushion patterns.  Pair stripes with bold florals or solids with printed patterns.  And, don't forget the pillows for the perfect pop of accent color and extra cushion.  Then sit back, relax, and enjoy your comfortable and beautiful outdoor space.

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