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All in the details

This collection is especially designed with custom-made details and quality.

Shanty2Chic Home Collection - Details
Whitney and Ashley - Shanty 2 Chic

Design sisters, Whitney and Ashley, debut Shanty2Chic collection. Now in stores!Exclusively at At Home


Durable Materials

"People always ask, is it form or function? And I think that we marry the two very well."- Ashley

Watch the video Shanty2Chic shares details about how they build headboards and why they’re so tall.

Authentic Hardware

"We take a piece and make it beautiful, yet it serves a purpose and saves space."- Ashley


Watch the video Shanty2Chic talks about their collection of picture frames available at At Home.


Natural Finishes

"We'll be walking in a store, and it might be the floor that grabs our attention, and we're like, man, that would be a great table top."- Whitney

Watch the video Shanty2Chic describes different ways to use their modern, rustic desk unit.