Create a Spooky Halloween Scene for Your Home

Decorate your home with ghouls, goblins, and skeletons this Halloween for a horrifying scene that will impress your guests. At Home has over 400 Halloween décor items to choose from this season!

A chainsaw prop guarantees to add terror to your display; available for $29.99.

Pet cemetery! Add a collection of animal skeletons to your floor décor. Cat skeleton available for $19.99.

Spooky black mirrors in unique designs will reflect all of the light from the bloody candles you will be burning this season.

Hang cages from the ceiling or wall to create a creepy dungeon vibe. Animated crow available for $24.99.

Prop up this animated skeleton friend to chat with your guests from the couch or the ceiling. Available for $5.99.

Light your space with candles placed in rusted lanterns. Perfect for telling scary stories in the dark!

Now that your home has become dark and spooky, time to open the door and let the monsters in. Tag #AtHomeforHalloween so we can see how you decorate!