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Time to Shine 

Adding metallics & mirrors to your decor   

Adding metallics and mirrored surfaces to a room instantly adds elegance, brightness and heightened sophistication-if you do it with an editor's eye. The principle is the same you apply when adding jewelry to an outfit. You need to find pieces you love that complement your look and know when to stop adding more. 

Flashy Neutrals Gold, Silver, Bronze, Mirrors

The Flashy Neutrals- Gold, Silver, Bronze, Mirrors

The great thing about shiny metallics and mirrored surfaces is they act much like neutrals-they go with any color, so you can choose the finish you prefer.

Start With Small Accents  

Silver pillow

Gold horse

Gold lamp shade

gold tray

Bronze candle holder

Silver tray

Try adding smaller accent pieces to the room. This will help you gage how much "shine" you like. Try easy pieces like trays or bowls, decorative objects and figurines, lampshades, candle holders and pillows. This is also a great way to decide on which metal tone you prefer in the room. 

Want More Glamorous Gleam?  

Silver dresser

Gold wire accent table

Mirrored dresser

Starburst mirror

Once you realize adding some shine won't turn your home into a disco ball, and you see the gorgeous effect it has on your room, you'll want to try some medium size accent pieces. Mirrors, accent tables, lamps and cabinets are ideal options, easily integrated with your existing furniture. 

Ready to Add Big Drama? 

Gold mirror

Gold area rug

Patterned accent chair

If you have a room that's demanding some major interest, a larger piece in your chosen tone, like a mirror or screen is a great option. Be sure to consider scale, so it doesn't overwhelm the space. If it's just too shiny for your taste, look for fabrics on accent chairs or area rugs with your preferred hue. 

Let Art Bring It All Together  

Gold wall art

Metal wall art

Square metal wall art

A great piece of wall art can make an entire room come together beautifully. If you're mixing metals, a common trend, choose a design that blends the same tones for a truly cohesive look you'll love. 


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