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Window Treatment Guide

Follow our simple curtain guide to make the planning and buying process fun, easy and a beautiful success. 

How to measure for window treatments

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Grab some paper, a pencil, calculator, measuring tape and a good step ladder. Remember to take your tape measure along with your list of dimensions to the store with you! 


Measuring Guide for Window Treatments

-First, reacquaint yourself with standard measurements.

-Next, choose an area to measure.

-Place the hook so that it grabs one side of the area being measured.

-Pull the tape across the full area being measured and then lock it into place.

-Write down the measurement. If you have to round, round up so you won't be short changed on comfort. 

Step 2: Determine Where You Want Your Curtains To Fall

Determine where you want your curtains to fall

Curtains & Drapes Length Options

1. Just below the ledge. This works well for smaller windows, perhanps above the kitchen sink or in the bathroom.

2. Right at the floor. Perhaps the most common curtain placement.

3. Beyond the floor. Creates a puddling effect and is used for more formal luxe looks.

Step 3: Measure For The Curtain Rod Placement

You may have the curtains or draperies of your dreams, but window hardware is an important consideration, too. Your curtain rods need to be the right length and hung in the perfect place to achieve your desired effect. Follow our measurement tricks to get the designer look you want. 

Measure window width

Show a little more window

To get the correct length curtain rod, measure the width of the window, then choose a rod 10-12" longer. 

This will allow for 5-6" rod overhang on each side, so opens curtains frame the window instead of partially cover them. 

How to measure window length

Create an optical illusion 

Make your ceilings appear taller by mounting the rod 4-8" higher than the top of the window casting.

Optimal placement is in the center between the top of the casing and the ceiling trim- not to exceed 8".

Step 4: Choosing Your Curtains

So much of the decision in choosing the right drapes and curtains depends on the style of your room and personal preferences-especially when it comes to the fabric, color and pattern choices. That's the fun part! There are so many options, it's a great idea to look at magazines and note the styles that appeal to you.  

How to choose the right curtains for your room

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when making your curtain selection:

Energy Efficiency and Light Blocking

Windows account for 10-25% of a home's heat and cooling loss. Energy efficient curtains can help insulate your home. Blackout curtains help filter light, reduce outside noise and enhance privaxcy year round. 

Woven room darkening window treatments

Woven Room Darkening

Curtains are woven with black yarns, in different weights, to enhance the room darkening properties. 

Double layer window treatments

Double Layer 

Curtains include a swen-in room darkening liner to enhance the efficient properties. 

Thermal lined window treatments

Thermal Lined

Curtains have a coated layer of insulating foam to help regulate room temp and reduce energy loss. 

Triple layer window treatments

Triple Layer

Curtains consist of a front fabric, a sewn in polyester fleece middle layer and an additional lining layer. 

Top Treatments 

There are 4 common top treatment options:

Grommet window treatment


Modern look, easy to hang, open and close. 

Tab Top window treatments

Tab Top 

Fabric tabs provide a casual, relaxed look. 

Rod pocket window treatments

Rod Pocket

Rod slides into built-in pocket for classic style.

Back tab window treatments

Back Tab

Hidden back tabs create pleats for an updated look. 

Step 5: Getting The Magic Number

Keep our cheat sheet, below, handy. This will help you determine the minimum number of panels and valances you'll need for a given window width.

Window treatment measuring guide cheat sheet

DID YOU KNOW? A window valance's primary purpose is purely decorative? It's true. They're designed to keep curtain rods and other hardware out of sight.

Top Treatments 

Blinds and shades can dress a window alone, or they can add a rich layer to the look of your window, plus they provide privacy, can help conserve energy and control the ampount of light in a room. 

Roman shades window treatments Window blinds window treatments Solar shades window treatments

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