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How to Choose The Perfect Christmas Rug and Doormat

When it comes to decorating your home for the holiday season, our Christmas rugs and doormats are the perfect choice to add a touch of festive cheer.

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Christmas Doormats

Doormat Placement: The placement and arrangement of your Christmas doormat can make a big impact on your overall holiday decor. Place the doormat in a central location, such as in front of your main entrance, or dress up your outdoor patio to spread the holiday cheer around your home.  Layering multiple doormats is an excellent way to add extra flair, such as a smaller patterned doormat on top of a larger, solid one for a layered effect.

Size and Shape: The size and shape of your Christmas doormat should be determined by the size of your entryway. Measure the space in front of your door to ensure you choose a doormat that fits properly. Rectangular mats are the most common and versatile, but you can also find circular or half-round options depending on your preference. The most common doormat size is 18" x 30"; however, there are oversized options to fit larger entryways. No matter what you choose, your guests are sure to feel the warmth and friendliness of your home as soon as they step foot on your festive new doormat.

Match the Doormat with Outdoor Decorations: To create a cohesive look, consider matching your Christmas doormat with your outdoor decorations. Choose a mat that complements the colors and theme of your wreaths, yard inflatables, and string lights. Whether you have a red and green color scheme or something more unique, your doormat can help tie everything together for a truly unforgettable holiday display. Get ready to impress your neighbors and friends with your stunning holiday decor!

Designs and Patterns: At Home offers various designs and patterns to suit any holiday style or preference. From classic motifs like snowflakes and Santa Claus to whimsical images of reindeer and snowmen, there is a design out there for everyone. Consider the overall theme of your holiday decorations and choose a doormat that complements your existing Christmas decor.

Holiday & Christmas Rugs

Consider the size of your space: Before purchasing a Christmas rug, measure the area where you plan to place it. You should consider the size and shape of the rug that will fit your space best. A large rug can make a statement in a living room or dining area, while a smaller accent rug can add a festive touch to an entryway or hallway. You can pair the rug with a slim entryway Christmas tree to create a cheerful display. Alternatively, if you prefer a more subtle decor approach, pair a Christmas pillow and throw blanket in the same room as the rug.

Complement your Christmas decorations: Take into account the colors and patterns of your existing Christmas decorations when selecting a rug. Look for a rug that complements your tree ornaments, stockings, and other holiday decor. This will create a cohesive look and tie your Christmas theme together.

Add Safety Measures: During the holiday season, safety should always be a top priority as floors can become slippery due to wet weather or snow. To prevent accidents and ensure that the rug stays in place, it is recommended to choose a Christmas rug with a non-slip backing. Alternatively, add a rug pad to your cart for a quick and convenient online purchase.


Let At Home help with the rest of your holiday shopping, including Christmas trees, outdoor inflatables, stockings, and more. Shop online or visit your local At Home store today for the widest selection of holiday decorations.