Coffee Table Tips! | Coffee Table Styling

The living room is the center of your home, and the coffee table is the center of your living room. Make this piece count with these styling tips and tricks. 

What You’ll Need:


  1. Find the center of your coffee table. Mentally divide it into quarters. 

Coffee table styling

2. Start with your tallest object. Place it in one of the back quadrants. 

Coffee table styling

3. In the other back quadrant, stack coffee table books and your decorative object or box.

Pro Tip: The stack should be lower than your tallest object.

Coffee table styling

4. Add your low tray with decorative spheres across from your stack of books. 

Pro-Tip: You can also leave the tray empty to make room for everyday objects like mail or remotes. 

Coffee Table styling

5. Finally, add smaller accents to your last quadrant. 

Coffee table styling   

6. Kick up your feet and enhou your newly decorated coffee table! 

Pro Tip: Arrange all objects at different angles for a more relaxed and natural look.

Coffee table styling   

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