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Pillow Event Basics


Know Your Terms

Standard Pillow Standard Pillow Standard Pillow

The primary pillow you sleep on at night.

Throw Pillow Throw Pillow Throw Pillow

A decorative pillow that’s removed before sleeping.

Lumbar Pillow Lumbar Pillow Lumbar Pillow

A long, rectangular throw pillow.

Euro Pillow Euro Pillow Euro Pillow

A large, square throw pillow usually covered in a sham.

Sham Pillow Sham Pillow Sham

A decorative pillow cover... like a fancy pillowcase.

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Layering Your Pillows

There’s an art to knowing how to arrange pillows on a bed. Our stylist tips make it easy to get the ideal blend of form, function and fabulous.

1. Start with a clean slate.

Remove all existing pillows and throws from your bed. Get your bed and pillows dressed with fresh sheets, pillowcases and shams.

TIP: If you have soft goods that won’t work with your new pillow layout, use them to create comfy, cozy areas on seating throughout the house.
Pillow Event Basics
Pillow Event Basics

2. Build Your Base.

No matter the number of pillows or pillow arrangement, you’ll start by placing all the Euro pillows against the headboard. Add rows of pillows, biggest to smallest.

TIP: Not all bedding sets have the same number of pillowcases or shams. If you have more pillows than cases, create instant interest by choosing a second bedding set with a complementary pattern.
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3. Add Your Throw Pillows.

From shape and size to color and texture, the options are endless and the layouts are varied.

TIP: Looking for a quick seasonal refresh? Change out your throw pillows on the regular and it’s easy to shake up your style. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, solids and stripes. Just stick to a similar color palette for a cohesive look.
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Pillow Event Basics
Pillow Event Basics

4. Ok... Maybe Just One More

Pick throw pillows with personality. Add instant interest with novelty options that show off your sass.

TIP: With all these amazing throw pillows, how will you know when to stop?! Well, if you’ve covered more than 50% of your bed, it’s time to start pillowscaping your couch.
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Which Pillows Do I Need?

Our guide is your cheat sheet to pillow perfection for every bed.


For a twin bed pillow arrangement, start by placing your Euro pillow against the headboard. Place your standard pillow in front of the large Euro pillow. If you sleep with two standard pillows, place them side by side with half of each pillow overlapping your Euro. Last, add a pop of personality with a slim lumbar pillow that won’t overwhelm a small space.

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For a full or queen bed pillow arrangement, place your base Euro pillows, then lean the standard pillows against the Euro pillows at an angle so you can see behind the row of standard pillows. Finish it off with a fabulous throw pillow or even a lumbar.

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For a king bed pillow arrangement, start with three Euro pillows against the headboard, then place your king pillows in front of this row. Next, add your standard pillows, leaning them at an angle so the king pillows are still visible. Top things off with a lumbar accent pillow or a few throw pillows…or both!

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Pillow Layering

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