Sweet Idea! | DIY Dessert Display

A color-coordinating dessert display is the perfect way to feel the love for Valentine's Day, your wedding, Mother's Day and more. Put it together with pretty trays and apothecary jars.  

What You’ll Need:


  1. Add your favorite pink desserts and candy throughout your buffet.  

Dessert DIY Bar

Pro-Tip: Stick to one color for your desserts for an even prettier display.

2. Place the tallest items - like tall apothecary jars - in the back of the buffet.  

3. Place the plates and platters in the front.  

Dessert DIY Bar

4. Fill in any space with fun accents and décor.  

Dessert DIY Bar

5. Grab a plate and fill up on sweet treats!  

DIY Dessert Bar

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