Chirp-Worthy Idea! | DIY Planter Birdbath

This DIY birdbath brings all the birds to the yard, and lets you show off your style when you pick your own planters, colors and flowers.

What You’ll Need:

  • Large urn (about 17”)

  • Medium urn (about 12”)

  • Terracotta saucer (about 10”)

  • Spray Paint

  • Faux flowers

  • Rocks


1. Paint both urns and saucer with the color of your choice. Let dry one hour.

Better Bows


2. Place rocks in the bottom of large urn to weigh it down.

Better Bows


3. Flip small urn upside down and place it in large urn.

Better Bows


4. Place terracotta saucer on top of small urn.  

Better Bows


5. Arrange flowers in large urn.

Better Bows


6. Add water to the saucer, and get ready for some birdwatching!  

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