Fall in Love! | The Perfect Mantel

Capture the essence of fall with the perfect mantel. Inspired by pumpkin spice and the changing leaves, this display will add even more warmth to your fireplace.

What You'll Need:

  • Large, Anchor Piece (mirror, wall art, wreath, etc.)
  • Fall leaf garland
  • Fall accents, varying heights


1. Begin with your large, anchor piece. Center it on the wall above the mantel.

Begin with your anchor


2. Then, arrange your fall leaf garland on top of the mantel 

place garland on mantel


3. Add your taller accents to each side of the anchor piece. Vary their height to create visual interest

a. Pro Tip: Layering is key here to give your mantel dimension and depth. 

add accents


Begin with your anchor


4. Arrange your smallest accents in front of anchor piece, among the garland.  

anchor piece


5. Fluff and freshen until you have the look you want.

fluff and freshen  

6. Get ready to cozy up by your fireplace during chilly autumn nights!

Get Ready to Cozy up  


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