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Light up your patio and outdoor spaces with amazing options for multiple areas. Create the perfect outdoor ambience with these great lighting options.

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1. LED & Pathway Lighting

Bring some great lighting into your outdoor space, perfect for every event. Start with LED & pathway lights that illuminate each area with the ideal amount of light. Place these around walkways, stairs, even on the patio for the best ambience. Available in different styles as well, like the Solar Rock Light and the Solar Spot Light, there are so many ways to decorate with outdoor lighting and endless lighting options with At Home.

2. String Lights

Looking to instantly breathe life into your patio area? Two words: string lights. Outdoor string lights offer an incredible atmosphere that will make any occasion a success. Designed to fit every aesthetic and available in different sizes and shapes, like the 40-count Globe Light set or the 25-count LED Colorful Marbeled Ceramic set for a more vibrant look. Our string light sets feature easy assembly and can be placed around or above your outdoor area for endless decor possibilities.

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3. Outdoor Lanterns

When trying to find lighting that combines both classic and modern looks, outdoor lanterns are the perfect choice. Compact and easily movable for the patio, garden or yard, they stay lit as long as you desire. They’re available in many different styles, such as the classic LED Candle Waterproof Lantern. For a chic and modern option, the "LED Candle Grey Rattan Barrel Lantern is a fantastic choice. Browse our wide selection of outdoor lights and find the perfect lantern.

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Finding the perfect outdoor lighting is a must when decorating your patio, and At Home has the products you need. Don’t let the decorating stop with the outdoor lights; there are many more options to consider when furnishing your patio. Browse our selections of outdoor umbrellas for those sunny afternoons and pots & planters to add more floral beauty to your area. And you can never go wrong with an outdoor fountain to take your patio to another level.