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Animal House

Easy Tips to Share Your Living Space with Furry Friends 

Animal House

No Bones About It

We love our pets! They're a source of entertainment, affection and joy in our lives. We're here to shed some light on ways to keep your home looking stylish without looking like you live in the dog house. 



It's Sup-Sup-Suppertime!

Stylish treat jars can be used for accents in any kitchen, and elevated food trays can give the area a modern feel. To help keep the floor clean, place a stylish rubber mat under feeding dishes for messy eaters.

Pet Food Mat
Pet food bowl
Pet food holder

Let Sleeping Dogs (and Cats) Lie 


Doggie beds and kitty cuddlers make great sleeping places. Put one in the bedroom and another in an area with lots of sunlight. A pillow under a table will give your pet a place where he can feel safe. For smaller dogs, drop a throw blanket on the bed so he can burrow under it to keep himself warm. 


Designer Tip: Show off your fetching sense of style by color coordinating your pet's sleeping pillows with your home decor.

Pet Bed

Pet Blanket

Pet Bed

Additional Tips to Protect Your Home for Furry Friends

As much as animals can love living indoors, chances are your pet will spend lots of time outdoors too. Unfortunately, animals can track in dirt and debris on their feet and fur. It can be challenging maintaining your home under such circumstances, but with the right combination of textures and material, you can have the best of both worlds (including a happy pet). 

Quick Tips:

  • Use chair protectors and couch covers to keep furniture clean and protected.
  • Choose indoor-outdoor upholstery since they are made to resist moisture and most stains.
  • Adding an area rug or runner in your entryway will help minimize dirt and water tracked in through the house.

Pet Car Cover

Area Rug

Sofa Cover