Buying Guide for the Perfect Barstools | At Home

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A Step-by-Step Barstool Buying Guide

1. How to measure to find the perfect height

Unlike dining furniture, both stools & counters come in a variety of heights… which means measuring your space is the most important step. Start by measuring the distance from the floor to the underside of your bar, kitchen counter or table. You want your stools to have approximately 10 inches of space between the highest point of the seat cushion and the underside of your counter.
TIP: When measuring bar stool chairs, stop at the top of the seat. Don’t count the chair back when measuring your bar stool height.
Counter height barstools

Counter height barstools

24-26 inch seat height

If your kitchen counter measures 34-39 inches high, your perfect barstools should be between 24-26 inches tall. This will ensure comfort and add a stylish touch to your kitchen décor.
Bar height barstools

Bar height barstools

27-31 inch seat height

If your home bar counter is between 37-41 inches high, barstools between 27-31 inches tall will ensure comfortable seating for you and your guests.
2. Measure to find the right number of stools

2. Measure to find the right number of stools

To ensure that your guests have adequate space to sit comfortably, it is essential to determine the number of stools required for your counter. The recommended personal space per stool is approximately 2 feet, or 24 inches. Therefore, measuring the length of your counter and dividing it by 24 inches per stool will help you determine the number of stools needed. This will not only help you make the right purchase but also ensure that everyone is comfortable while sitting at the counter. A quick way to figure out how many stools you can fit is:
Total length of counter in inches ÷ 24 = The ideal number of stools
TIP: If you need to squeeze in an extra stool, just make sure that the total length of your counter is still bigger than the combined width of your stool legs.