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//Browse by Category Script jQuery(document).ready(function() { /* For each department in left-hand nav, display corresponding visual nav tile */ // For each tag in the left-hand Departments filter list, do something... jQuery('.refinement-department a').each(function() { // (1) Get the HTML contents of the first of the in the current iteration of loop, (2) replace any & with &, (3) assign final result to variable (result ends up being a string) var deptRef = jQuery(this).find('span').first().html().trim().replace("&", "&"); // Find a
.na-tile that has a matching data-refinement-tile value as the variable above, and then show that element (currently, element is hidden by styles) jQuery("[data-refinement-tile='" + deptRef + "']").show(); }); /* When visual nav tile is clicked, trigger corresponding Department filter in left-hand nav */ // When user clicks on any