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Everything you need to build your ideal workspace, without all the work.

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1. Choose a Desk

Before you start thinking about home office décor ideas, you need to find the right desk.

How much space do you have for the desk? How much surface area do you require for your day-to-day? You may think you only need room for a laptop and notebook, but a cramped desk can tank your productivity.

Don't forget all those office supplies like pens, paperclips, pushpins, files, sticky notes, etc. Keep what you use daily within reach and store everything else next to, not on, your desk.

TIP: Need more storage than your dream desk allows? Use shelves, bookcases and wall displays to maximize organization without sacrificing style.
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2. Pick the Perfect Chair

You're no longer stuck with the company chair, and that's a good thing.

How do you spend your workday? Sitting back talking or leaning forward typing? Maybe you prefer armrests or features like swiveling or rolling. Are you looking for something soft and comfy or firm and supportive?

Show off some style with a color or material that will perk up your workspace and your headspace. The right office chair can increase comfort physically and mentally, so pick something that's as fun as it is functional.

TIP: Measure your chair to make sure that you have enough room to cross your legs under your desk (at least 28 inches).
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3. Select Your Shelves

Say goodbye to clutter and hello to chic office storage.

The lower shelves of a bookcase are perfect for storing files, papers and notebooks in attractive boxes. They'll be easily accessible but out of sight.

A home office should be calm and tidy, but don't forget it's also your home. Mix in collectibles or décor that reminds you of fun times to create a space that you want to be in, not just have to be in.

TIP: Play with depth by placing objects slightly behind each other. This also gives you more opportunities to add in some personal mementos.
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4. Find Your Fave Lighting

A desk lamp can serve up some style and fine-tune your focus.

Want to tie the whole room together, or would you rather make a statement? Task lighting can balance out a design scheme or energize an office with a pop of unexpected interest.

Your new lighting options are lit, and your desk should be too. Choose a bulb with a soft, warm hue to help prevent eye strain. (It's also the best way to light your face during a video call!)

TIP: Change the lampshade, change your mood. Use an opaque shade for directional, focused lighting during the workday and switch to a diaphanous shade for soft, diffuse light at night.
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5. Work Your Wall Décor

Take advantage of unused vertical space with wall shelves built for style and storage.

Get creative with office décor ideas! Hide chargers or small office accessories in decorative containers among your other décor. Get that gallery wall mood by adding wall décor in and around your shelves — pics of loved ones, inspirational art, mirrors or even just gorgeous empty frames.

TIP: Put a blank piece of paper in a picture frame. A dry-erase marker will let you write important notes on the glass and wipe away when needed. Endlessly reusable and aesthetically pleasing.
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6. Add Décor to Your Desk Accessories

Dress up your desk...even if you're still rockin' pj pants.

All those small office supplies tend to travel around, but upgraded desk accessories can keep you motivated to clear the clutter. It's easier to keep everything in its place if there's actually a place for everything.

TIP: Don't forget your trash can. The longer clutter piles up, the more likely you are to let it continue and miss something important.
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Don't forget these final touches that add more home to "work from home"

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