Bright Idea! | How to String Holiday Tree Lights

Tangly cords? Pine needle punctures? Skip the mess and the injuries with these step-by-step instructions to help you string tree lights with ease.

What You’ll Need:

  • Artificial tree
  • About 1500 tree lights (for a mid-size tree)



  1. Take your tree apart and start with the bottom layer, in the back of the tree.

Pro-Tip: Plug in your tree lights before you start to make sure all lights work.

Better Bows #1


Better Bows

2. Begin in the center of the branches. Tightly loop string lights around the entire branch until you reach the end of the branch.  

Better Bows

3. Then, wrap the lights around the three points at the end of the branch.

Pro-Tip: Make sure a light matches up with the tips of each branch.   .    

Better Bows

4.  Then, wrap the lights around the branch again to return to the center of the tree.    

Repeat wrapping for each branch, working clockwise, row by row.      

Better Bows

5. Once the bottom layer is complete, start a new strand of lights on the next section of the tree. That will let you easily store your tree with the lights still on once the holidays are over. 


Better Bows   

6. Finish decorating and enjoy your beautifully lit tree!

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