Décor DIY! | Build a Holiday Wreath

Building your own wreath is easier than you think! Just follow these steps for the perfect wreath that will fit your holiday style inside and out.


What You’ll Need:

  • Floral wire or glue gun

  • Wreath

  • Floral picks

  • Small holiday accents

  • Holiday ornaments

  • Holiday ribbon



  1. Lay out your desired wreath design before securing ribbon and accents.

Harvest Centerpiece

2. Take a photo of your design so it will be easy to recreate later.

Fall Centerpiece

3. Pull ribbon through the back of the wreath to create extra secure loops without wire or hot glue.   

Fall Centerpiece

4. Add floral picks throughout wreath and secure with floral wire or hot glue.    

Fall Centerpiece

5. Finally, add holiday accents and ornaments into wreath and secure with floral wire.      

Fall Centerpiece   

6. Hang your wreath above your fireplace, on a window, or on your front door to ring in the holiday season!

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