Tree Buying Basics


Follow these easy steps to choose just the right tree to set the stage for your perfect holiday.

1. How Tall?

Once you’ve picked a location for your tree, follow these steps to make your trip to the store efficient and successful:

Measure the height of your ceiling. In general, the top of the tree should be at least 6” lower than your ceiling, including the tree stand and topper. 

Diagram showing how to measure the height and diameter of a tree in your room.

Measure the floor space the tree will occupy to know what width to buy. Trees come in four widths:

Slim Christmas Trees

Medium Christmas Trees

Full Christmas Trees
Slim- 12" - 40" wide Medium- 41" - 59" wide Full- 60" - 73" wide

2. What Type?

Colorful, classic and everything in-between. Choose a style suited to your decor.

Designer collection christmas trees
Designer Collection
Gorgeously-Detailed Designer Trees
For those who appreciate special touches and stand-out details. A few of our favorites include glitter-tipped needles and festive blends.
Classic Collection Christmas trees
Classic Collection
Festive Classic Trees
These trees have a timeless appeal. Warmly lit pre-strung lights in your choice of multicolors and many other unique features.
Slim Christmas Tree Collection
Slim Collection
Small-Space Slim Trees
A tree for even the tightest spots! Our carefully crafted selection of Slim trees include classic holiday green, silver and even multi-colored fiberoptic.
Entryway Christmas Tree Collection
Entryway Collection
Select Entryway Trees
Greet guests at the doorway with a few of our stunning Entryway trees.
Fashion Christmas Tree Collection
Fashion Collection
On-Trend Fashion Trees
Our Fashion trees come in bold colors including bubblegum pink, aqua, and champagne.
Sports Colored Christmas Tree Collection
Sports Collection
Spectacular Sports Trees
Show a little team spirit with one of our Sports trees. Available in multiple colors and ready for adornment with your favorite team-related ornaments and memorabilia.


3. Tree-Sentials

A few must-haves to complete the look.

Green plastic tree stand

A Firm Foundation
Tree Stand

For at least the next month, your tree will have to endure many trials, including curious kids and pets striking all of the bottom ornaments. A quality tree stand will give your tree a fighting chance.

Icing on the Cake

Ornaments can stem from a family tradition or be bright, shiny new ones you've picked up this year - regardless, ornaments are a way for you and your family to express their style. Have fun with it!

Christmas Tree Skirt
Clear holiday light strand

Shed Some Light
Holiday Strands

While many of our trees already come with pre-strung lights, you may find adding a few more strands provides more dimension and depth. There are so many types to choose from - traditional, globe, LED, battery-powered and more. See all tree lights.